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Creek Challenge

A Dawson's Creek Episodic Challenge

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Welcome to Creek Challenge!

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Each week there will be a new episode for members to make icons, wallpapers, f/o banners, vids, whatever they feel like, and however many they feel like. Starting with Challenge #3, there will be a voting poll with a sample group of 5 episodes (meaning that each episode chosen has a fair represenation of characters and ships so that everyone can vote for something that they like. It is not my fault if you don't get the episode you wanted. If you do not particularly like the episode, you don't have to participate in that challenge.) Any member can vote in the poll, and whatever episode wins the vote is up for the next challenge - no exceptions so don't ask. That is the democratic way, and it works pretty well I think. Hopefully this way we'll be able to get a decent variety of episodes, and also episodes that members will enjoy working on.

This isn't a contest community. No voting will be done, and no awards will be given. At the end of the challenge the mods will each choose their favorites from every member's posts and we will add them to our Creek Challenge Hall of Fame.

1) All icons, wallpapers, graphics, and vids must pertain to the current episodic challenge. This means you can't incorporate images from other eps or promotional pictures into your work, even if we've already covered that episode.

2) Comment: We all love to know our work is appreciated, even if people don't take our work. So always comment any time you would like (but be nice about it), even if you just want to offer suggestions. Commenting is also a chance to ask the artist any questions about their work, say, if you would like to know how they created a certain effect. Most are happy to share their expertise :)

3) Credit: Simply give credit where credit is due. Let people know where you got your caps, your brushes, your fonts. And if you take anything, be sure to follow the poster's rules for their art. This also means no stealing. If you're caught doing so, you will be banned from the community.

4) If you're posting, please indicate in your post your rules. Be specific, so that there's no confusion. If what you post is for display only, let us know. If it's up for grabs, let us know. Customizable? You got it: let us know.

5) Personal journals: You want to link to your journal? That's just fine but please follow these rules: a) Give us some sort of teaser/preview to let us know what we're looking at. b) Indicate in your link that we're going to your journal, and if it's friends-only, this must also be indicated in the link. c) Please link directly to the post itself, rather than just your journal. See, when you first post the icons, people will see that entry at the top, but as time goes on, anyone going through old posts won't see those icons at the top of your LJ, cause you know, it's an old post.

6) LJ-Cuts: Please use an LJ-cut if you post more than three icons, and if you have graphics bigger than a thumbnail preview, use a cut here as well. This is to make the community more modem-friendly. Also, if there's a chance your work contains questionable material (language, character-bashing, slash, lewd text, whatever), please also indicate this in the cut as well. There's a variety of ages roaming these halls, and we want to offend as few as people as possible.

7) Hotlinking: Is bad. Don't do it. EVER. If you need to display graphics of any kind, get yourself an account at Photobucket.com - They're easy, and best of all, free. And yes, this holds true if you want to nominate something at another community. Some people have to pay for their bandwidth, and we don't want to cost them money, even if it is to show off their lovely work.

8. Polls: As stated above, any member of the community may vote on the polls, mainly to decide upcoming challenges, in the community. However, you must be a member of the community for your vote to count.

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If you'd like to create a challenge communtiy of your own, visit mod_challenge. I have to give them the credit of helping me get this community started.